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Big Food - "Strike a Balance!"

Yale University - Peabody Museum of Natural History



Click here to play "Strike a Balance!"

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Exhibit Details


Can you make it across? Your goal in this interactive game is to keep your energy levels in balance to keep the tightrope walker on track to avoid the shark-infested pool below.


First learn about "energy in" versus "energy out" and how they relate to health. Then choose various foods and exercise activities to manage your energy levels. But choose carefully - not enough food or too many bad food choices will both send you to the sharks!


Gameplay is randomized so that every game is unique. Go for a high score!



Interactive Game Screenshots:

Learn about Energy In and Energy OutFirst learn about "energy In", "energy out", and how energy relates to health.


Learn about Energy InWe take in energy when we eat, but not all foods are equal!


Learn about Energy OutOur bodies use energy all the time, but the activities we choose make a big impact.


Various food items and exercise icons start appearingIn the game, various food items start to drop from above. Healthy foods give a small amount of energy and lots of points. Unhealthy foods will add too much energy and deduct points. The sharks want you to fall, so occasionally pop up to lead you astray.


Try to balance food intake (Energy In) with exercise (Energy Out)Try to balance food intake (energy in) with exercise (energy out).


If you don't stay in balance, the sharks are happy!If you don't stay in balance, the sharks are happy!


Strike a Balance kioskStrike a Balance! kiosk