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"The Age of Reptiles - Rudolph Zallinger " Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks

Yale University - Peabody Museum of Natural History peabody.yale.edu


Zallinger Interactive Kiosk


Exhibit Details

This exhibit has two 32" touchscreens to help visitors learn more about Rudolph Zallinger's famous mural, "The Age of Reptiles", which has been a fixture in the Yale Peabody Museum's Great Hall since 1947.


In addition to information about the mural itself and how it came to be, this interactive program helps visitors learn about each of the species depicted within.


Many new illustrations give a glimpse of what the dinosaurs might have looked like if the mural were painted today (yes, T. rex really did have feathers!).


The creation of this project included HD video, Flash animation, graphic design, sound effects, music, and hardware design / installation.


This exhibit was featured in the New Haven Register's "Summer 2008" insert - click here to read the article.










Interactive Kiosk Screenshots:

Zallinger - Main Screen

Curators Jacque Gauthier and Leo Hickey greet visitors on the main screen.




Zallinger - Cretaceous Period

Pressing a section of the mural brings you into that Period, where you can learn more about it.




Zallinger - Edmontosaurus

Pressing on a species of animal or plant brings a curator out to tell you all about it. Layering of the mural gives a sense of depth.



Zallinger - Pteranodon

Curator Jacques Gauthier going out on a limb to talk about Pteranodon.


Zallinger - Creating the Mural

In the "Creating the Mural" section of the program, Armand Morgan gives information on how Rudolph Zallinger came to paint the mural, as well as its historical significance.